Our Goal

We are all familiar with the saying “you are what you eat”, so we strive to ensure that our offerings are of the highest quality and produced in a nature-friendly way. Food is one of the foundations directly related to health and well-being, so it is crucial what ends up on our plates. As our products represent the most optimal, health and environment-friendly, and sustainable path from the field to the plate, we want to offer this to you.

Our story

Our family has a long-standing tradition and lives on a hill 270 meters high, located in the Šavrinka hills in the hinterland of the Municipality of Piran. For many years, we have been producing olive oil and vegetables on our farm. The story of the Peroša farm begins in 1980 when Bruno Peroša and his wife Nevenka started vegetable farming. They first focused on vegetable production, then set up greenhouses that allowed them to produce even more delicious and protected vegetables. They successfully fought against weather influences, pests, and diseases. As a family heritage, we received a few hundred olive trees on the southern slope of Nova Vas. Since then, we have been constantly developing, and today we are proud of 3 hectares of olive groves and more than 1500 organic olive trees with PDO origin. Olives take some time to bear fruit, so a lot of effort, dedication, and time was needed to finally achieve good results. Now we can enjoy the quality olive oil that we produce on our farm.

Our Core Values

Our guiding principle is to enrich the lives of our customers and preserve nature for future generations, which is why we have opted for organic production (BIO – Bruno Peroša olive oil) and vegetables.


We strive for progress and improve ourselves every day


We are very cautious about ecology and the environment



Our greatest wealth is enriching the lives of others

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