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Welcome to our family farm with a tradition that goes back many years! We are located on a picturesque 270-meter high hill in the Šavrini hills, hidden in the hinterland of the Piran municipality. Our farm is known for the quality production of olive oil, fresh vegetables, and fruit. On the southern slope of Nova vas above Dragonja, we lovingly care for 4 hectares of organic olive groves, which pamper us with their unique products. In the Dragonja valley, our farm spans 12 hectares of fertile land where we joyfully cultivate a wide selection of tasty and healthy vegetables and fruits.
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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In our family, we have been cultivating the tradition of producing unique extra virgin olive oil in the Istrian region for decades.

With numerous years of sacrifice and dedicated work from our family, especially a passion for Istrian land and olives, we have achieved exceptional results and ranked among the best olive oil producers.

We have obtained an organic certificate and a protected designation of origin. Our estates include Istrian Belica, Leccino, Maurino, and Buga olive varieties, which we have been cultivating for many decades and taking care of to continue the tradition.

We continue the heritage that our ancestors have passed on to us, so we enthusiastically take care of preserving and improving production to ensure top quality and taste for you.

Join us in discovering the flavors of Istria and enjoy the unique taste of our extra virgin olive oil.

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Authentic Istrian garlic

Red Istrian garlic is a true culinary treasure, as it is an indigenous variety that we have been cultivating for centuries. Our farm in Nova vas nad Dragonjo proudly ranks among the largest producers of this wonderful plant, as we produce one-fifth of the total Istrian quantity. In addition to its large and healthy cloves, which are recognized by their characteristic red skin, our Istrian garlic differs from other varieties in its higher content of essential oils and sweet taste. With it, we can create exquisite dishes that intertwine with the delightful flavor and aroma of this beloved ingredient.

The Legend of the Bell Tower

The story of our village also tells an interesting legend about how Istrian garlic played a role in the construction of the church bell tower. When the builders ran out of money, they decided to sell the wood from a mighty oak tree that once stood in this place and collect voluntary contributions from the farmers. Most of the farmers had planted the red Istrian garlic, which became an important source of funds for completing the construction. This legend is also depicted in a large painting on the wall of the Cultural Center in Nova vas nad Dragonjo, which is a true attraction for visitors.

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